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Our Cattery is secure, cosy and peaceful. We understand that cats tends to stress quite easily and it’s important to keep them secluded and private, away from the rest of the animals. The houses in the cattery are spacious and have plenty of toys to keep your cat occupied during their stay. The cattery is fully insulated and air-conditioned and heated to provide maximum comfort for your cat. The each have a window so your cat can sit and watch the goings on outside or sunbake during the day. Every house has cement flooring and is cleaned on a daily basis, ensuring hygienic conditions for your cat.

If you have several cats and would like them to be housed together, we can accommodate this in one of our extra-large houses.

We choose to feed our cats premium food, however if your cat is a little bit fussy (as they tend to be!) or you would like us to cater for a special diet, we are happy to do so. Please provide this food or your requirement’s on check-in with instructions.

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